Discipleship – Gene Rodriguez

Discipleship/foundation class is a 17 lesson Bible based study that is designed to educate new and seasoned believers on select topics the church believes are vital for a healthy Christian walk.

The class atmosphere is warm and interactive in a small group setting.

The topics presented cover a wide range of situations we all face daily , the lessons taught in this program will give you a new prospective on how you view and handle the subjects at hand, and how to apply Biblical principles to each situation.  

Some of the lessons being presented are: Sin & Salvation, Divine Healing, Christian Home, Friends, Husbands & Wives, Money, Holy Spirit, and Spiritual Warfare.

After completing these lessons you will have a better understanding and a new approach at life, being equipped with the Word of God to share with loved ones, friends and those you come in contact with changing lives, walking in love, and living a life of victory.

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