River of Life currently supports 25 ministries with $40 a month.


1. Nicky and Janie Rider
Foreign AG missionaries to Mexico, construction.

2. Kevin and Eunice Tyler
Foreign AG missionaries, Eurasia, Teen Challenge.

3. Tu Casa
Alamosa, sexual assault and domestic violence prevention

4. Jane Weed-Mobley
Home AG missionary, Hispanic Project, church planting.

5. Nathan and Yuka Williams
Foreign AG missionaries to Japan, evangelism and literature.

6. Joy York
Foreign AG missionary to Lome, Togo, seminary.

7. Tom and Nancy Wespetal
Foreign AG missionaries to Russia and Ukraine, university.

8. Ben and Wendy McClure
Foreign AG missionaries to Laos and Thailand, church planting.

9. La Puente
Alamosa, support to the homeless.

10. Larry and Sharon Smith
Foreign AG missionaries to Bangladesh, evangelism, leadership training.

11. Tom and Terry Bremer
Foreign AG missionaries to Europe, Teen Challenge.

12. Paul and Linda Scholtz
Home AG missionaries, rodeo

13. Greg and Helen Entzian
Foreign AG missionaries to China, student evangelism.

14. Jim and Ester Mazurek
Foreign AG missionaries to Chile, seminary, child evangelism.

15. Mark and Fredda Alston
Foreign AG missionaries to the Philippines, pastor

16. Dan and Earlene Ligon
Foreign AG missionaries to Niger, education.

17. John and Irma Barba
Home AG missionaries to El Paso, Texas, evangelism.

18.Chritine  Dillin
Foreign AG missionary, Central Eurasia, evalgelism and discipleship

19. Glenn and Nancy Garrison
Foreign missionaries to Philippines, orphanage

20. Curtis and Teresa Hubble
Home AG missionaries, motorcycle chaplain

21. La Gente
Alamosa, cloths and food distribution.

22. Power Ministries
Sage Theurer, evangelism

23. Sarah’s home
Colorado, rescue trafficed girls

24. Teen Challenge
Home AG missions, Colorado, rescue from substance abuse.

25. SLV Women’s Resource Center
Alamosa, support for pregnant women

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