True Vine

True Vine – Patsi Gomez

In 2014, True Vine Ministries went into the New Mexico Prisons again. We were in Springer and Clayton facilities. Inmates from the Clayton facility continue to send us donations, which help us financially. It amazes me when an inmate can send not $5 but sometimes $20 or more. They are so faithful!

This year we visited several churches. We went to the Pueblo Assembly of God, Son’s and Daughters of God in Monte Vista and the Center Assembly of God. Everywhere we go, God shows up. They also gave us money, which was placed back into our ministry funds.

We have 2 upcoming events scheduled. The team is awesome and patient and if we are not able to take a full band, we grab a guitar and it makes no difference; God shows up! Please continue to pray for True Vine Ministry.

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